Ranch BBQ Food Truck and Event Catering Serving Authentic Southern BBQ

Real Smoke — Real Slow — Real Good

Southern BBQ is a cooking technique using hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and apple at low cooking temperatures for long cooking times. It is the wood and spice rubs that create a unique flavour to keep you coming back for more! We are committed to only selecting the finest meats and produce. Beef Brisket & Pulled Pork are slow smoked for 14 hours and rubbed with Lynnwood’s special spice blend, accompanied by side dishes typical of Southern BBQ.

Best of Applewood Smoked Meats

Albertans love their meat … and we at Ranch BBQ like to satisfy that need with the best of Applewood Smoked Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork & Pulled Chicken. Do yourself a favor and try some!

We Cater to Groups Small or Large

Our food truck caters to groups small or large with all kinds of event catering needs: Corporate & Group Functions, Stampede Events, Weddings, Graduations, Backyard Parties, and more.

Brought to you by Lynnwood Ranch

Our Ranch BBQ food truck is brought to by the good folks at Lynnwood Ranch. With 25 years in the catering & event business we have a reputation for great food & service!

Ranch BBQ Event Vending Services

Request us to be at your upcoming Festivals, Special Events, Rodeo’s, Car Show’s … heck Ranch BBQ is popular at any large gathering where Albertan’s are craving the best BBQ food in Calgary.

Offering Mobile Catering & Event Vending Services in Calgary and surrounding area

Ranch BBQ also serves at select public functions Find us at the events posted below

Ranch BBQ is owned and operated by Lynnwood Ranch Ltd. Lynnwood Ranch is a beautiful riverside ranch venue for Group Events, Corporate Events, Christmas Events and Weddings. It is located 15 minutes south of Calgary, Alberta. Known for some of the best Country Style Cuisine & Southern BBQ Cooking.

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